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Wedding 1945

Maria van der Raadt and Doug Fysh were married at parochiekerk van de Sint-Agnes Beeklaan in den Haag on Dec 1, 1945.

The Dutch were liberated by the Canadians in WWII, and they were all given access to a school where they stayed. Many soldiers. The boys, Maria's brothers, all teenagers were hanging around to see the Canadians, in awe of those guys who liberated them, and they noticed one soldier looking lonesome and asked their parents if they could invite him home. That happened, he was a frequent visitor to the home and he fell in love with Maria. Her parents panicked, their daughter marrying a CANADIAN? They spoke to the padre and asked about what kind of a guy Doug was and about his family. First class. His father had a Drug and Pharmacy store in Moose Jaw where he also was the mayor. Source: Ann Stronach

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Linked toDouglas Oswald Baines Fysh; Maria Johanna Elisabeth van der Raadt
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