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Heidi`s side

Heidi`s fathers side of the family have stayed on the west coast of Norway the last 400 years. The family farm, Tofterå, is still a pearl - situated on the Tofterøy island with the wild ocean as the nextdoor neighbour.

The largest branch of the tree is in the Sund, Austevoll, Fana and Lindås parishes of Hordaland county. As many inlanders travelled to the coast to make money fishing, there are several branches from Voss and Kvam.

On Heidi`s mothers side, van der Raadtvan Veen and van den Burg, you find widespread genealgoy in Holland and Canada. Today van Veen, from western parts of Holland, the Drecht area, is one of the more common Dutch last names. The van Veen forefathers were fishermen, and did well!

Daniel`s side

On Daniel`s fathers side the Slettemoen genealogy is neatly mapped - like all families of Hol in Hallingdal. Thanks to the Reinton brothers for their work on the local historybooks of the area.

On the Erstad side, Daniel`s paternal grandmoter, the genealogy came from Meland, Samnanger and Vaksdal parishes of Hordaland.

Daniel`s mothers side came to the US from Ireland, and have savoured their roots. Historically the Casey-lineage is brought back via Spanish kings to Adam!! What we can prove is that his ancestors were Irish chiefs in Co. Cork. Read more on the Casey-pages.

On Daniel`s maternal grandmother`s side, with the lastnames Bass and Massey, are warheroes from 1812, slaveowners, politicians and pioneers. You will find them all on these pages!

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