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Heidi Tofterå Slettemoens slekt: Her finner du morssiden, van Veen, van der Raadt og van den Burg, med hovedvekt på Holland. Først etter krigen emigrerte deler av familien til Canada og Argentina.

On these pages you will find widespread genealogy for the van Veen, van der Raadt and van den Burg branches of Heidi Tofterå Slettemoens family tree. It all began in Holland some 300 years ago. Today van Veen, from western parts of Holland, the Drecht area, is one of the more common Dutch last names. For those with special interests, I have an extensive family history from Kudelstart, many thanks to our cousin Paul van Veen in Reeuwÿk. I also have quite good documentation on the van den Burg side, thanks to our cousins Jan van den Burg and Marian Williamson (nee van den Burg).

And now the van der Raadt genealogy is finally unveiled, thanks to our cousins Wim Fase and Olaf Duits!

Any corrections and additions to this tree are more than welcome!

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