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Mildred Bass
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1. Horace-Leonidas Bessette & Mildred Bass
2. Mildred Bass

1. Charles Claude Casey Jr

June Marie Bessette

  • Født: 6 Jun 1924, Garrett, DeKalb County, Indiana
  • Ekteskap (1): Charles Claude Casey Jr den 5 Jul 1946 i Garret Methodist Church, Allen county, Indiana, USA
  • Død: 25 Jul 2005, Melvindale, Wayne, Michigan, USA 81 år gammel
  • Begravet: 5 Aug 2005, Parkview Memorial Cemetery, Livonia, Michigan, USA

punktmerke  Om:

Lived in Venice, California when she went to kindergarten (age 5), 1929.
In Sept 1929 Mildred and June was going to Leo in High River Alberta from California. This record states that June was born in Detroit. Later in October 1929 Leo, Mildred and June are headed from Long Beach California to Alberta and again they say that June is born in Detroit. She attended first grade in Kansas (age 6) and at age 7 (2nd grade) she was in a protestant school in Montreal, where she lived until she was 21. After attending the Rapid Shorthand College in Montreal, she took various clerical positions, including one in The Montrealer in 1941, at the sales audit office at Eaton's Department Store 1941-1944 and at Williams and Wilsons. From 1944 she was at Bell Telephone.

June giftet seg med Charles Claude Casey Jr, sønn av Charles Claude Casey og Lydia A. Shoemaker, den 5 Jul 1946 i Garret Methodist Church, Allen county, Indiana, USA. (Charles Claude Casey Jr ble født den 21 Jul 1912 i Detroit, Michigan, USA, døde den 9 Des 1970 i Dearborn Heights, Wayne, MI og ble begravet i Des 1970 i Parkview Memorial Cemetery, Livonia, Wayne, Michigan, USA.)

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